Little Sins Mean a Lot: Kicking Our Bad Habits Before They Kick Us

Most of us at one time have said, or thought, something like: “So I procrastinate, it s not like it’s hurting anyone!”

Enough about you, back to me.
I deserve this, so I’m treating myself!
If I can’t have it, she shouldn’t either.
I’ll get around to it… or not.
It s not really gossip if it’s all true, right?
(And the granddaddy of them all) But that doesn’t make me a bad person!

Are these really sins, you ask? After all, they re not murder, theft, or violence. Don’t they just mean we’re human?

Writer, speaker, and blogger Elizabeth Scalia takes a look at thirteen of these little sins that, if left unexamined and unconfessed, can have a serious impact on our spiritual lives and relationship with Christ. Through her honest (and sometimes funny) examination of these same sins in her own life, as well as Church teaching on each one, she helps us ask ourselves the tough questions, and the tools to kick these bad habits before they kick us.

Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life

Renowned in the blogosphere as The Anchoress and as Catholic Portal editor of the popular, Elizabeth Scalia offers a powerful critique of the “gods” we worship today, reminding readers that life’s deepest desires can be satisfied only in Christ.

Elizabeth Scalia’s Strange Gods brings her iconoclastic vim and vigor to this, her debut trade book. She offers readers a surprising look at the ways in which modern people still commit the sin of idolatry in their everyday lives. While literal golden calves no longer dot the landscape, Scalia describes how legitimate loves become obsessively twisted into idols. She identifies idolatry in a number of everyday experiences–friendships that become needy or possessive, commitments political and religious that grow so intense they lead to hatred of others, to name a few–and points to the incarnation of Christ and authentic worship of him as a way out of idolatry and into peace, happiness, and love.

Caring for the Dying with the Help of Your Catholic Faith

In an age where the dying are increasingly seen as a burden on society–where euthanasia is being touted by some as the “moral,” as well as convenient choice–this guide will provide fortitude for your journey. The rich tradition of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of others who have been through this experience before you will provide comfort and encouragement.

Use this practical guide to help you:

See that your fears, worries, and even the odd moments of humor are perfectly normal and all are part of this process of letting go
Understand what resources are available through the Church
Find the right words to answer honest and practical questions

Discover the beauty, grace, and even the joy, that can come from departing this earth on God’s time.

Part of the With the Help of Your Catholic Faith… series, Caring for the Dying With the Help of Your Catholic Faith is an excellent resource for family members, friends, hospice volunteers, and other concerned caregivers.