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It is a virtue and a prize to listen patiently to and put up with insults for the sake of God.

~ Brigid of Kildare


If in all things you seek sexism and oppression, doubtless you will find it

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It was St. Teresa of Avila who said, "If in all things you seek Jesus, doubtless you will find him." After reading this piece about

“Be kind, even if you are right…”

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Every time I think I'm done with social media, I find a pearl that keeps me going back. Like this one, which is full of

Catholicism in China: Monasticism will tell the tale

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The current sense of unease regarding the status of the church in China reminded me of this quote from Mother Mary Francis, PCC -- one

Oprah for President, Via Golden Globes

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This blog post is purely a piece of analysis, not any sort of political endorsement. -- ES And just like that* the idea of a permanent