It’s that time of year again, and thank God for it, sez I! Thank God for 26 days in which to turn away from all of the “new” and “improved” must-haves-of-the-season in order to ponder some ancient things that cannot be improved upon; psalms and prophecies – a promise of a new way, and fresh beginnings, brought to us by the One who Is, Was and Ever Shall Be; who existed before all and will remain when all is ended.

A promise of light in a season of darkness and bone-chilling cold – and cramped hearts full of fear and bitterness and blame. The Authentic Light we so long for that we set our houses and trees ablaze in artificial light, and wonder at the small, fleeting comfort we find, there.

The True Light, of course, will set the sun aside, like a moon in daytime. It will shine exteriorly, without blinding us; it will permeate our souls and we will be truly illuminated.

In order to help us prepare for all of that, I’ve recommended a few books over at Word on Fire, any one of which would be a good read in Advent, as I note:

. . . we help the light along by quietening down, adding a bit of silence to the shorter days where we can and hopefully by picking up an instructive or soul-nourishing book – or even better, a book that both informs and feeds, even if it is not specifically themed to Advent.

To that end, there are recommendations for everything from St. Thomas Aquinas to Deacon Greg Kandra, from Mother Mary Francis, P.P.C to Fr. Alfred Delp, from St. John Chrysostom, to Ronald Knox, to Mark Shea.

A little something for everybody in there, so check it out!