Well, it’s been very interesting watching predictable Americans react in completely predictable manners as regards President Trump’s latest SCOTUS choice, Brett Kavanaugh.

Yes, reactions are utterly predictable, right down the line. For those whose sole concern for the Court is that Roe v Wade is overturned, Kavanaugh is not “enough”. For those looking for constitutionalist jurors, Kavanaugh is quite good. For those who like Jesuit-educated men and women, he is an acceptable, moderate selection.

And for those who hate Trump, he is objectionable in every conceivable manner, simply because Trump nominated him, as evidenced by the fact-mangling remarks by mediafolk, the promptly offered talking points and the absolute farce the more progressive entities made with their prefabricated blanket protests.


It becomes hard to take a group seriously when they are proving themselves to be so beholden to ideology that actual people and their actual records don’t actually matter — any old XX will do:


This might be my favorite. Gender matters and it’s super-important. Until it really doesn’t and isn’t.


It’s clear that the “resistance” is still hoping to awaken and discover that the last two years have all been a dream and that Patrick Duffy is waiting for them in the shower. For them, “Whatever it is, whoever it is, be against it,” is the order of the day.

But amid the farce of pre-fab fury, the fake narratives already being peddled by the press, the reality of Kavanaugh is simply this — and the Democrats likely know it, too: The country is at no great risk in seating him to the Supreme Court, because he will in all likelihood become the very swing vote he is replacing.

I think Kavanaugh will be a surprising key to unlocking the Supreme Court — unleashing it from the destructive tension of ideology that has characterized the court for too long. His swing vote, in tandem with the increasingly swing-ish Chief Justice John Roberts, may have the effect of loosening up jurists who have been over-protective of ideology to the detriment of their processes. The possibility of two swayable justices may help the Brethren feel more securely balanced and if so they may more freely enter into deliberation without prejudice. What a concept.

With Trump there is almost always a troll-factor, but here’s the deal with Kavanaugh: he actually is a moderate jurist, and one who appears to prefer to err on the side of human considerations, rather than political ones.

In case anyone has forgotten, that’s a good thing.